NB: All proceeds from this sale will be donated to the Kaiwhaiki Marae Fundraising project for maintenance and upgrade work.

White pigment bottle. Grown and made by Elise Goodge. Made of gourd, wood, paua shell. (16.5cm high, 6cm wide)Traditional Maori pigments were sourced within the natural environment. Derived from clay, bark and fruits. Each pigment had to be sourced and hand made. These pigments were then used to dye fibres, adorn people both through body paint and tattoo and stain wood. The decoration on this gourd was inspired by the natural world and speaks to the history of pigments being sourced in the natural environment. It is also white to depict the colour of the pigment contained within. This gourd was decorated using the Hawaiian 'inside out' method of gourd decoration.

Ipu Taioma