NB: All proceeds from this sale will be donated to the Kaiwhaiki Marae Fundraising project for maintenance and upgrade work.

Maori Puppet - 'Huia' bird.Grown and made by Elise Goodge. Made of gourd, chord, paua shell. (16.5cm high, 7cm wide) Karetao were used as educational tools. Aiding with the telling of traditional stories or puuraakau. They were also used by Tohunga (spiritual leaders) to embody and connect with specific deities. This karetao is inspired by the extinct Huia. This bird was revered by Maori for its beauty. It's feathers were worn as hair pieces by chiefs as a sign of their status. Ornate boxes, named wakahuia, were carved to keep and preserve the feathers in they were of such importance. With the introduction of pest mammal species by European settlers the Huia quickly became extinct. It has now been reduced to a cautionary tale of what happens when you upset delicately balanced eco-systems. This karetao could be used as an educational tool to teach children about the importance of protecting our native species.

Karetao Huia