NB: All proceeds from this sale will be donated to the Kaiwhaiki Marae Fundraising project for maintenance and upgrade work.

Maori Puppet - God of peace and cultivated plants.Grown and made by Elise Goodge. Made of gourd, chord. (18cm high, 7cm wide) Karetao were used as educational tools. Aiding with the telling of traditional stories or puuraakau. They were also used by Tohunga (spiritual leaders) to embody and connect with specific deities. Effigies of Rongo were often made from gourds and placed at the edge of gardens to ensure a good harvest. This karetao draws on this practice as inspiration. It could be used as an education tool to teach children about traditional methods of cultivation and the importance of the good nutrition provided by the plants under Rongo's protection.

Karetao Rongo