NB: All proceeds from this sale will be donated to the Kaiwhaiki Marae Fundraising project for maintenance and upgrade work.

Maori swung instrument - named 'Albatross'. Grown and made by Elise Goodge. Made of gourd, chord, Tui feathers. (18cm high, 7cm wide) Poi-a-whiowhio are swung instruments. When swung slowly they whistle like a bird. These instruments were used to lure birds into traps. They were also used as a way to elevate prayer by first reciting your prayer into the gourd and then swinging it. This particular poi-a-whiowhio's decoration is inspired by the South Island petroglyphs and depicts an albatross. It has been decorated using the Hawaiian method of inside out decoration.

Poi-a-whiowhio - Toroa